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Be-Broker’s Back Office Solutions is designed to fit your business and free you from any worry. Create, plan and manage resources and contacts with ease – the way you work best! Get a hassle-free and customized Back office Solutions to meet your company needs. Contact us now for more details!

Back Office Solutions is designed to fit your business and free you fr

Risk Management

crm risk management 1 1
  • Currency exposure;
  • Instrument exposure;
  • Trader exposure;
  • Margin Call Accounts;
  • Bridge Log;
  • Live Prices;


crm reports 1
  • Big Winners;
  • Big Losers;
  • Profit & Loss;
  • Social Copiers;
  • Social Leaders;
  • IP Fraud;


crm sales 1
  • Leads, Users & Customers;
  • First Time Deposit;
  • Sales, Partners & Affiliates;
  • Revenues, Fees, Payments;
  • Trading Account;
  • New customer, Lead or User;

Payment solutions

crm payment 1
  • Transactions;
  • Payment Gateways;
  • Cryptos Balance;
  • Internal Transfers;
  • External Transfers;
  • Bitcoin Transactions;

Liquidity Providers

For almost a decade we’ve worked with a wide range of liquidity providers to ensure our clients can get the best rates. We offer you both market-leading providers, and a choice to integrate your preferred one, so you can use whatever suits you best.

liquidity providers

Check out what our CRM has to offer to you and your clients.

  • Compliance
  • Report Center
  • In-house Support Team
  • Live Trading Data
  • Algo Trading API
  • Social Trading API
  • Client Area
  • Anti-Fraud Management

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