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We offer an excellent best white label trading platform that can be customized in order to cater to your company’s specific needs. Give the chance to your clients to “conquer” the Markets!

Our easy-to-navigate through Back Office system allows the management of your entire company from one single location. Suitable for companies of any size, our Be-Brokers Back Office is a leading tool for reaching the best possible performance results. With simple yet powerful features, you will be able to achieve positive results from day one. Our advanced tools will enable you to gain deeper insight into your business data, meet your targets and reach your goals.
From our readily accessible API infrastructure, you can seamlessly link with multiple 3rd party providers such as Affiliates, Cashiers, PSPs, VOIP for trustworthy and reliable service.


Be-Broker’s Back Office solution is perfect for companies of any size and level of experience. Our technology helps you keep track of all activities in one place. We offer deep integrations across the most popular revenue-generating and support systems used by independent firms. With our incentive and referral solutions, you can streamline your brokerage operations and expand your customer base. Our Back Office enhances productivity and ROI by automating, streamlining, and integrating business processes from data entry to reporting. No more siloed databases with no general ledger or redundant data entry — Our Back Office is optimized for you.

  • Automated activities for minimal cost;
  • Built-in Task Manager;

Risk management is a critical component in any brokerage. We offer tools to enable you to check technical and market risk quickly and easily. What’s more, our risk control function could monitor your trading behavior and properly set over-limit controls on your risk-taking ability in the financial market.

  • Market Exposure;
  • Trader Exposure;
  • Bridge Log;
  • Margin Call Accounts;

Generate various valuable reports using the advanced configurable Reporting Tools provided. The software organizes all of your information, controls, and procedures around different type of reports so you can examine them and take action based on accurate knowledge.

Use rich and fully customizable dashboards to:

  • View patterns and trends in sales, as well as in Marketing;
  • Visualize Comparisons;
  • Manage Risk and Compliance;

We offer your clients a wide range of payment methods to ensure an easy and secure payment process. We put the power of choice in your hands by allowing you to choose and integrate alternative payment systems that suit your personal needs and preferences. Through our PSP integrations, we provide our customers with a secure, seamless, reliable solution for acquiring online payments pay experience

  • Transactions;
  • Crypto Balance;
  • Crypto Transactions;
  • Internal and external Transfers;

Through our web-based application, we provide a single, unified platform for investors to easily place both manual and algorithmic trades across multiple global markets. Our smart user-friendly web application offers cutting-edge features enabling you to conduct your business at any time. It allows you to check quotes and place trades, see account balances, P&L, and other key performance metrics such as funding, reporting, and more. Our platform is your one-stop destination for account information, portfolio management, trade activity, and more.

  • Built-in advanced trading tools for analyzing trends and market changes;
  • Suitable for traders from all backgrounds and experiences;
  • Reliable software with smooth performance;
  • Tailored for the client’s needs and preferences;


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